FireFighter’s paying and salary

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I’m Japanese FireFighter.
This time, I’ll tell about FireFighter’s paying.
Sorry for my biginner English’s word.

I’ll tell you paying for seven year’s FireFighter in Japan.
but It’s not urban,this is small town’s Fire department.

this time is tallking about that stability paying ? manypaying? how bonus?
I’ll resolve your question from now.


First of all, our paying is stability and gradually rise.
we don’t need to worry myself and our familly.
So we are a public servant. I don’t know that FireFighters are public servant in your countries.if you are good,tell me about it.provide me your information.

Japanese public servant is attracted by everyone.
Because,so stability for paying.
It means, salary is same whether work is hard or easy.
Japanese parents recommend their children.
So It’s hard that become a public servant.
do you understand?? If you not understand ,text me anytime.

 How many salary?

I think that everyone care this things very worried most.
I’ll just announce how is salary.
That’s about $2100.
How do you think??
Which did you think high or low?
Teach me how did you think to heard this.

I mean, my annual income is about $40,000.
This is small town’s salary.
Big difference between small town and urban.

Because urban is busy very often.
So small town is not busy very often.

which one is better for each person.
I guess I just fit this work now.

then,there are the difference salary on a month .
This is the one of reason that public servant are popular.
So we can get many kind of allowance.

For example,
Howsing,overtime,commuting,dispach etc…
We can get this many allowance.

We are happy for given.

Please comment if you want to know more.

Thank you for reading.
See you next time.

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